Biomedical Computer Science and Mechatronics



Doctoral College "Mechatronics in Lienz"

The UMIT in Hall and the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck have jointly decided to set up the doctoral program "Mechatronics in Lienz" at the Campus Technik Lienz in order to strengthen the new university location in Lienz and the regional innovative power in the field of mechatronics. In this doctoral program, a group of PhD students is interdisciplinarily supervised by professors from both universities. The start of the doctoral program is planned for winter 2017. A main goal is the development of scientific solutions in collaboration with and for regional companies.

FFG-internship program

Six motivated interns completed in July/August 2017 their scientific internship in the Division for Mechatronics Lienz at the Campus Technik Lienz. This program was financed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the EFRE-LEADER project Campus Technik Lienz. Four female and two male pupils from the schools PHTL Lienz, HAK Lienz and BRG Lienz assembled and programmed the humanoid open-source robot Poppy and implemented Poppy's first movement sequences such as the Macarena dance.

Media reports: DolomitenstadtOsttirolheute

Company visit Brauerei Falkenstein, Lienz

Students from the Campus Technik Lienz visited on 22.05.2017 the brewery Brauerei Falkenstein, learned how to breed special beer and were able to convince themselves of the mechatronic upgrade of the process and filling plants.

Technik Live 2017

The annual event Technik Live took place at the RGO Lienz on May 18, 2017. The graduates presented their final projects (mechatronic prototypes). The Division for Mechatronics Lienz was involved in several activities: presentation of all institutes of the bachelor studies in mechatronics and the evaluation of the final projects.

Company visit IoT40 Systems GmbH & Joanneum Research, Klagenfurt

Students from the Campus Technik Lienz visited on 28.04.2017 IoT40 Systems GmbH at the Lakeside Park, Klagenfurt. They obtained recent insights on current developments in the field of Internet of Things and encrypted digitisation. On this occasion they visited also Institut für Robotik und Mechatronik of the Joanneum Research which is currently being set up. There were plenty opportunities to gain impressions from on topics like human-machine interaction and mobile robots.

Venia Docendi

Fadi Dohnal received his Venia Docendi during a ceremony on March 10, 2017. His habilitation from the year 2012 at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany, was accredited at UMIT.


A two-year project started on establishing and advertising the Campus Technik Lienz. Project owner: UMIT, project partner: University of Innsbruck and regional partners (Wirtschaftskammer, Arbeiterkammer, Osttiroler Wirtschaftspark, PHTL Lienz, City of Lienz and Standortagentur Tirol).


Company visit Micado, Oberlienz

Students from the Campus Technik Lienz visited on 01.12.2016 the special purpose machinery manufacturer Micado, a small company that offers mechatronic customised solutions on the international market. They developed and built for example equipment for manufacturing of the famous flexible Gloryfy sunglases. 

International Advanced Course, CISM, Udine

Dohnal organised together with Prof. Richard Rand in September 2016 a lecture series on „Time-periodic systems – Theory and application“ at the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences:
26 international participants, 6 international recognised presenters, 5 days